Here are more pictures of my car:

It took seven months to remove the old wheel, but I like the way the new one looks much more: mgb-wheel1.jpg (19561 bytes)
Passenger side view: mgb4.jpg (31160 bytes)
Driver side view: mgb5.jpg (24699 bytes)
Driver side view: mgb6.jpg (26698 bytes)
Rear: mgb7.jpg (31435 bytes)
Interior, with the roof up (when I got it): mgb8.jpg (21957 bytes)
Interior, sunny day (after the steering wheel swap): mgb-interior1.jpg (44752 bytes)
Interior (the orange cable in the lower right corner is an extension cord for the battery charger): mgb-interior2.jpg (21908 bytes)
Engine compartment (Weber DGV with fuel and vacuum lines that are much too long): mgb-engine1.jpg (23828 bytes)
Engine (you can see the acorn shells left by the squirrels): mgb-engine2.jpg (26107 bytes)
Engine (hey, someone had already removed most of the emissions stuff before I bought the car, really): mgb-engine3.jpg (23704 bytes)
Engine (the new wiring harness and Sport coil hopefully distract the eye from all of the gunk): mgb-engine4.jpg (21201 bytes)

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