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The 9th month started with a few teeth, followed by crawling.  A week before her first birthday she's pulling herself up to a standing position, using about a dozen words, becoming very demanding, and entertaining herself and anyone around.


Claire and Mom were playing in the grass behind the house in Maine:

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"Daddy, I'll hold this diaper up so people won't see your big belly!":

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Bathtime is playtime:

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Claire used to sit in her ExerSaucer, but now she likes to sit under it:

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Cassandra was teaching Claire how to crawl:

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She looks especially cute in her two-piece dinosaur pajamas:

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Grandpop is explaining which flowers taste good:

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Grandmom bought balls for all her grandkids. Here's Claire's red ball:

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Claire and Ian went sledding together in Maine:

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Daddy and Claire went for a walk on snowshoes:

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Uncle Ricky came to visit; someone got a lot bigger than the last time they were together:

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Here she is again, falling all over herself:

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