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The second year started with a great birthday party. Most of the relatives invited themselves, and we had a somewhat low key celebration. Debbie took a day off from work to make a cake, which was fantastic - a cage made of chocolate bars surrounded by cupcakes decorated as monkeys, bears, elephants, and tigers. The rest of the decor was Pooh, Claire's favorite.

Claire (with help) blows out the candles on her cake:

claire26.JPG (24074 bytes)

Her first taste of chocolate - a monkey cupcake!:

claire27.JPG (21496 bytes)

Later, Claire finished the cake in her high chair (she liked her first taste of ice cream, too), and some of it actually went into her mouth:

claire25.JPG (24139 bytes)

The day after her birthday, Claire was outside playing in her red wagon:

claire28.JPG (22194 bytes)

Claire's cousin Hanna and uncle Joel came up for a visit:

"No, the fuselage is pretty wide... 767, maybe?"

Can't a girl enjoy the pool without someone sticking a camera in her face?

Only one out of three people know the meaning of the word "smile":

Claire's cousins came to Maine for a visit, and Sam and Claire learned how to feed each other:

clairesam.jpg (34622 bytes)

This picture was a favorite, even if it's a bit dated:

claire31.jpg (32821 bytes)

She looked especially cute in her Rosh Hashanah outfit:

claire32.jpg (22872 bytes)

Claire made a great clown for Halloween:

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Mommy and Claire were playing on the floor:

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For some reason, placemats were fun toys:

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One morning Claire didn't want to put on clothes, but she was very happy to hang out in her robe:

claire40.jpg (34597 bytes)

She had fun in her winter snowsuit:

Claire in the snowsuit, 12/98 (24828 bytes)

A typical expression for Claire:

Claire, happy in Maine (12/98)

Her grandparents took her to the playground, where she had fun:

Claire at the playground (4/99)
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