Claire Pages

The first event at six months was her great-grandmother's birthday party in Florida.  She also went to the pool for the first time (video coming soon).


Claire seemed happy in the snow for the first time:

baby5.jpg (32150 bytes)

In January she had her first haircut.  It was pretty traumatic (for her mother, anyway):

Haircut1.jpg (27146 bytes)

Claire seemed pretty calm, if not confused:

Haircut2.jpg (25138 bytes)

She likes flying (with the help of Grandpop):

baby2.jpg (20131 bytes)

Grandmom's glasses taste pretty good:

baby3.JPG (33578 bytes)

Grandma, Mom, and Daughter share a laugh:

baby6.jpg (21715 bytes)

Now that she's eating toast, mealtime is even messier:

baby4.jpg (21746 bytes)
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