Heather's Sloppy Joes

When I first started cooking dinner for my kids on a full-time basis, I was constantly in a panic trying to figure out what to cook. I returned to my childhood for ideas, and remembered that we used to have a babysitter who would make sloppy joes. I actually have the recipe card written in my 9-year-old scrawl. This is not that recipe, but one I found searching the web for something even better. It's from a website called Home Ec 101, which has a variety of info and advice in addition to recipes. My kids and I have really enjoyed this one, and we have it almost every other week (on Mondays, which has become "Ground Beef Day", and we alternate sloppy joes with meatloaf).



Thanks for Heather from Home Ec 101 for her permission to include this recipe here!

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